Česky English

The story

The following story is only brief, because I don't want to deprive you of the experience from the game and things in the game that you will see only if you play it.

Let's go in the world!

The story starts at the very birth of our hero. The Fates foretell him he will be a good person doing good deeds. Our hero has, as always, gone in the world to gain experience, but his steps lead him (or rather, a big storm wash him away) to a small village, which has been maybe even foretold for him! However, his arrival is not so magnificent, rather the opposite! He is rescued from swamp's slush created by the big storm by an old man, a local shoemaker. In his cottage, the hero finds accomodation, but he has to work it off:

Where to go?

The next steps lead our hero away from the old man's secluded cottage to other places in this land. There are really lots of places to visit, you can go into the village, to the lake, the miller, the cemetery, and into the town. Everywhere you can see the problems of the people and primarily the main part of the story, but that I truly don't want to reveal...